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Andrea Fennewald is an Associate Clinical Social Worker earning her degree from Colombia University. Her approach to psychotherapy is holistic and compassionate. Sessions with Andrea are collaborative and integrative, focusing on the mind-body connection. She is deeply influenced by Attachment Theory, CBT, Relational, and Somatic Therapy practices. Andrea has experience working with many different clinical populations including those suffering from substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Some areas of focus include women's issues, racial identity, spirituality, grief, loss, and PTSD. Her approach can be described as gentle, grounding, and non-judgmental. In addition to traditional therapy, Andrea is Level 2 EMDR trained, in addition to having extensive training in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, and Psychedelic Integration.

Andrea  is supervised by Shiva Howell, LMFT129944


Brighten LeBeau (they/them) is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individuals and couples around topics of self-acceptance, attachment, and creating personal meaning. Brighten draws from various modalities including Existential, Narrative, Somatic, and Attachment-Based therapies with an open and fluid approach that adapts to the unique intricacies of each client.

Brighten’s primary focus is on meeting a client where they are at, with empathy and acceptance to establish an authentic therapeutic relationship. They know firsthand the bravery it takes to allow oneself to be seen and to become curious about their inner life. Because of this, Brighten feels deeply honored to be a part of their client’s healing journey. Brighten is passionate about working with trans and queer clients who have experiences with religious trauma, identity issues, or individuating from dysfunctional families. 

Brighten is supervised by Shiva Howell, LMFT 129944.


Allison Delgado is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist guided by the core belief that therapy is a limitless place to explore one’s own reality and how it relates to others, and the world. As an environmentalist, practitioner of yoga, and dancer, she values both traditional and alternative forms of healing that focus on the utmost well-being of her clients. Her approach puts the client as the expert of their experiences, offering them the agency to be a full participant in their change, growth, and healing. Through mindfulness, empowerment, non-judgement, and acceptance, she offers a collaborative approach in finding the forms of therapy that best suits each client. Working with a diverse range of individuals and couples, she practices from a trauma-informed lens with inclusive and affirmative care. She is passionate about working with both queer and heterosexual couples/individuals, those struggling with power dynamics, shame, and avoidant tendencies. Allison also works with alternative relationship structures and clients interested in Psychedelic- Assisted care. Allison is supervised by Shiva Howell, LMFT 129944


Amanda Turull is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys working with individuals and couples on issues of attachment, trauma, sex & intimacy, security,  and connection. She is passionate about the process of creating and maintaining healthy and authentic relationships, and sees all of her clients as courageous for doing this work. She utilizes a trauma-informed approach, combining Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) with components of Somatic Therapy, EFT, Parts-Work, Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy.  Amanda has personal and clinical experience with non-monogamy, kink and the LGBTQ+ community. She is also certified in Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration. Her work is always client-centered, compassionate and shame-free, working within the present moment to highlight strengths and understand stuck patterns. Amanda is supervised by Shiva Howell, LMFT129944. 

Please note, Amanda is not currently taking on new clients and has a waitlist. Please contact us to be added to her waitlist. 


Sara Ringo is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who promotes culturally affirming mental health and holistic well-being. Sara's non-pathologizing, strengths-based approach to therapy is the cornerstone of her work. She views therapy as integrative through a narrative lens and draws from various modalities, including solution-focused, positive psychology, experiential, and trauma-informed approaches. This holistic approach allows her to address each client's unique needs while honoring their stories and experiences. She is passionate about supporting system-impacted individuals and families, first-generation college students, and people experiencing social and economic barriers. Sara is available for evening and weekend sessions.

Sara  is supervised by Shiva Howell, LMFT129944


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Clinical Director


Shiva Howell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder and Clinical Supervisor of CopeHouse Collective and Shiva Howell Marriage and Family Therapy Inc. Her specialties include Art Therapy, and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies. She serves as Journey Clinical's Los Angeles Clinical Ambassador and provides clinical supervision and consulting to licensed and pre-licensed therapists.



Client Care Coordinator

Jastine is a passionate mental health advocate with a medical assisting background, finding solace in therapeutic arts like ceramics and artistic expression, while embracing meditation and yoga for holistic well-being. 

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